RIGHTWAY TEST SERIES (RTS) will provide best platform to the students at par with final IIT/NEET examination.
RTS will give you several chances to get an insight into your performance and fulfil the academic gaps accordingly.
The Rightway test series will prepare you comprehensively i.e. for all types of exam patterns and levels of exam difficulty
Makes you experience to attempt JEE/NEET several times before the real JEE/NEET, so you gain confidence and give your best performance on the exam day.
RTS comprises real time doubt resolution to eliminate all conceptual doubts.
Teaches you time management skills, so that you are able to attempt the entire question paper within the stipulated time.
It consists of test analysis sessions to make you aware of your shortcomings and enhance your strike rate or scores in the paper.
It gives u question wise time comparison with other students
To provide a scientific analysis of the performance of the students and to identify their weak areas.
To provide the best possible guidance to the students to overcome their weak topics in all subjects.
Exposer at national level test and will get detail error list of every test.

Booster Test Series For NEET

  1. The best way to analyze the preparations for NEET 2022 is to solve the test series. RIGHTWAY Career Institute  Rajbagh  has released Booster NEET 2022. All NEET 2022 aspirants of RIGHTWAY Career Institute  Rajbagh  as well as outside the institute can take the tests. The question paper is set by the best NEET faculties of RIGHTWAY Career Institute  Rajbagh,  following the exam pattern, which will help applicants to improve their performance.
  2. Analyze their strengths and key areas of improvement with respect to the skills required to ace NEET 2022 exam.
  3. Assess their understanding of basic concepts.
  4. Get additional solved sample papers on attempting NEET Mock 2022.
  5. Understand the gaps in their preparation for the target exams and take corrective actions.
  6. Scorecard showing their percentile and subject-wise analytics.

  • 21 Test Papers
  • Designed by  best faculties
  • Covering full syllabus
  • Test available in Online mode
  • Post- test discussion classes

 Based on NEET 2022 exam paper pattern

Benefits of Test Series:

Tests given in the Test series are simulated tests based on the pattern of annual or competitive exams; these tests help students in judging their own potential before the actual exam. Following are some important benefits:

  • Provide Good Practice- It provides a good amount of practice to students, which can help students in doing well in the actual examinations. Continuous practice through test series increases the speed of solving the problems and aids in improving the weaker subject areas of students.
  • Feel of Real Examination- These Tests make students familiar with real exam scenarios i.e., the duration and structure pattern of these tests matches with the actual exam. These days many competitive exams are organized online, hence test series can help students in getting familiar and comfortable with the Exams.
  • Assessing Learning Capability- The test series helps in knowing the learning capability of students and progress in their performance. Moreover, students can compare their performance with other candidates appearing for the same test.
  • Improve Speed- The test series also provides ample amount of practice to the student, hence their speed of attempting questions increases automatically.
  • Boost Confidence- It aids in improving performance and boosting confidence in students. It helps in driving away their exam fear and anxiety.
  • Better Time Management- With the help of test series students can get an idea to solve questions in stipulated time and they can continue the same strategy in actual exams also. Thus,  Test Series also provides an opportunity for self-improvement and development.

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