(14+ Years of Experience)

    Mentors Achievement

  1. State Topper  Rank- 1  (J&K)   (3- Students In Top 10) In JKCET – 2015.
  2. State Topper Rank -1  (J&K)    (3- students In Top 10) In NEET (UG)-2016.
  3. State Topper Rank -1  (J&K)    (5- Students In Top 10) In NEET (UG)-2017.
  4. State Topper Rank -1  (J&K)    ( 7- Students In Top 10 )In NEET (UG)-2018.
  5. State Topper Rank- 1  (J&K)    (6 -Students In Top 10) In NEET (UG)-2019.
  6. State Topper Rank- 2  (J&K)    ( 5- Students In Top 10) In NEET (UG)-2020.
  7. 17 MBBS (GMC) Selections Out Of 170  NEET Aspirants In NEET(UG)-2021.

   Teaches  10,000+ (NEET & JEE) Aspirants So Far.

  1.  500+ StudentsArePursuing/Perused MBBS From Various AIIMS/IMS- BHU/SKIMS/ASCOMS/GMC(Srinagar/Jammu/Anantnag/Baramulla/Rajouri) 
  2.  100+  Students Are Perusing Engineering From Various IIT’s And NIT’s

About Mentors

They are Renowned Educationist having Specialization in their own subjects. Both are possessing Degree in Engineering and Technology  having more than 14 Years Experience in field of Teaching and Research work and have Experiance  of Imparting Education, skill, knowhow and other expertise in Running a Career Institute with full Dedication and Zeal. They always believe in investment particularly in education and growth having willingness to connect the network. They are always available to devote time with active listening skills incorporate with feedback capabilities associated with honesty and integrity. They used to inculcate positive outlook, confidence and motivation in all circumstances. Their resilience and adaptability make them outstanding and outperform in their respective field.

Rightway mentor

  1. Willing to share skills, knowledge, and expertise.
  2. Demonstrates a positive attitude and acts as a positive role model.
  3. Takes a personal interest in the mentoring relationship.
  4. Exhibits enthusiasm in academics
  5. Values ongoing learning and helps improve in students performance.
  6. Provides guidance and constructive feedback to students and parents.
  7. Sets and meets ongoing personal and their academic goals.
  8. Values the opinions and initiatives of students and prompt action.
  9. Motivates students by setting a good example.

The top 10 qualities that a NEET/JEE aspirant should have :

  1. Positive attitude:
    One must demonstrate that he/ she is ready to work hard. You are not applying for NEET/JEE just to clear the cutoff; but to secure a decent rank and grab a seat in reputed government college. Have a mind set that you will try your best to achieve your aim despite all the setbacks. Just keep in mind that : ‘Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement’.
  2. Focus on End Result:
    We have to deal with a lot of distractions and temptations. These could be social media , personal crisis ,weddings, parties etc. Try to refrain yourself from all these things. They suck out the passion and dedication from within. Here we need to channelise our focus, time and energy solely on the objective we are trying to achieve. Apart from that, scoring low in mock tests also induces frustration. It’s okay to have fluctuations in your marks but the entire focus must be on the D-day. You should commit to avoid any mistakes on the final exam day.
  3. Punctuality / Regularity:
    This is the most important quality that the majority of students lack. Even I was not an exception. After putting considerable amount of time and hard work to make a flawless study schedule and diligently trying to follow it, a majority of students end up not following the schedule after a week or so; thus putting all your efforts in the drain. Reason for this failure is – not being punctual. The aspirant should really try hard to stick to the schedule and should allow modifications in it so as to accommodate any changes in circumstances i.e. making a realistic and flexible schedule.
  4. Avoiding Procrastination:
    You are not able to follow a prescribed schedule. Well, one reason behind this could be the devil called – Procrastination. Yes! the habit of postponing or delaying things for tomorrow. But always remember that : ‘Tomorrow never comes’. Whenever you try to sit down and study and you feel not up to the mark, what do you do? Study without interest! Well only a few can do that. Majority do the same old thing – Put it on hold, schedule it for next day. And do you know where it eventually leads you ?The answer is backlog. And as your unfinished tasks get piling up, you find yourself helpless and frustrated and screw up your schedule as well as your preparation. So never put things for the next day – do it today itself, even if it takes some couple of hours more.
  5. Self Awareness:
    Be thorough with your strengths, but more than that should be well aware of your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. I have seen a lot of people focusing more on things that they are well versed or comfortable with (i.e. their strengths) and playing Hide and Seek with their incompetencies and shortcomings. Remember your weakness will be the first one to pull you down in this race. So it is better to tackle them head on and make them your Ally, rather than neglecting them till eternity. Work on your weak points so that you no longer need to call them as your shortcomings.
  6. An inquiring mind and Pursuit of Knowledge:
    Everyone has some sort of weakness – Physics or Chemistry or some even find it hard to memorize Biology. So don’t hesitate to ask someone who knows that topic or subject well. If you have enrolled in a coaching, confidently ask the teacher all your doubts; after all you have paid the fee for this purpose. If you feel that others will mock you, then ask your batch mates about it. Some might even refuse but there will be some who will try to help you out. What you need to do is just to give a try. Remember that not knowing a single concept can cause you your seat. We all are well aware of the fact that even a single mark difference causes such a huge shift in ranks.
  7. Smart work and Efficiency:
    The whole concept of entrance exams is to Reject rather than Select. So you must know the way how to get yourself filtered in the section of the successful ones. The market is flooded with all kinds of books and study materials, you should be aware what suits you the best. In spite of knowing what to read, the aspirant should know exactly what not to read from the existing plethora of knowledge. Efficiency / productivity also matters. You are wasting your time if in spite of putting several hours of input, you are getting a mere output. Focus more on achieving high results with sufficient amount of input.
  8. Patience:
    The most crucial trait required to be successful. There will be times when you will be running late in your schedule, not getting good results, forgetting important concepts during exams. At that time my friend, all you need is a pinch of patience to make your dish of success a hit. Just try to keep calm and patient even if you commit a mistake. This attitude of yours can help you survive the panic attacks and their after effects as well.
  9. Never getting intimidated:
    “Hey, you know that guy! He always scores the highest marks in each test, he will surely get a seat this year” – said one of my friends in my coaching. Well that’s intimidating for sure. One starts to doubt his own potential, thereby giving a major blow to his self esteem. But I always tried not to feel intimidated by these kinds of stuff. Although I am totally aware of the magnitude of competition; but I want to grab a seat for myself and not for any other random person. I find my biggest competition to be myself. So why should I care if he scores really well, we are two different individuals and we both are fighting for ourselves. A healthy competition is indeed beneficial, but don’t let it intimidate you to the point that it even lowers your self esteem. Keep your head high and fight for it.
  10. Avoiding overthinking:
    I have received messages from students regarding how they are uncertain about their selection and thinking about this makes them lose their focus and dedication while studying. Well it’s natural! All credit goes to the cut throat competition and to the wiring of our mind. Every time we try to do something that is difficult or uncertain, our mind tries to sabotage our efforts in order to make us feel safe from things that it assumes to be a threat for us. The best way to tackle this is by eliminating the chances of the brain to interfere with your decision making process. I personally tried the 5 second rule . Every time you encounter such a situation, just count 5-4-3-2–1 and get to work. And get up only when you are done (say after 15 minutes in 1 hour study period and then take a 10 minutes break). Don’t just sit there, pondering over something. Snap out of it because overthinking would surely not gonna take you close to your medical seat.

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