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IIT-JEE (Mains & Advanced) Syllabus:

The Ministry of Education (MoE), Government of India (GoI) has established the National Testing Agency (NTA) as an independent, autonomous, and self-sustained premier testing organization under the Societies Registration Act (1860) for conducting efficient, transparent, and international standardized tests in order to assess the competency of candidates for admission to premier higher education institutions with a mission to improve equity and quality in education by developing and administering research-based valid, reliable, efficient, transparent, fair and international level assessments.

NTA has created a system that is promoting teaching (by teachers), learning (by students), and assessment (by parents and institutions). NTA strongly believes in the quality, efficiency, effectiveness, equity, and security of assessments. To practice these values, NTA is constantly engaging with its stakeholders, viz. students, parents, teachers, experts, and partner institutions.

The Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Government of India has entrusted the responsibility of conducting the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main) to the NTA from 2019 onwards.

The Joint Entrance Examination, JEE (Main) comprises two papers. Paper 1 is conducted for admission to Undergraduate Engineering Programs (B.E/B.Tech.) at NITs, IIITs, other Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTIs), Institutions/Universities funded/recognized by participating State Governments. JEE (Main) is also an eligibility test for JEE (Advanced), which is conducted for admission to IITs. Paper 2 is conducted for admission to B. Arch and B. Planning courses in the Country.

The JEE (Main) – 2022 will be conducted in 02 (two) sessions for admissions in the academic session 2022-23. The candidates will thus benefit in the following ways:

  • This will give two opportunities to the candidates to improve their scores in the examination if they are not able to give their best in one attempt.
  • In the first attempt, the students will get a first-hand experience of taking an examination and will know their mistakes which they can improve while attempting for the second time.
  • This will reduce the chances of dropping a year and droppers would not have to waste an entire year.
  • If anyone missed the examination due to reasons beyond control (such as the Board examination), then he/she will not have to wait for one entire year.
  • A candidate need not appear in both Sessions. However, if a candidate appears in more than one Session then his/her best of the JEE (Main) – 2022 NTA Scores will be considered for preparation of Merit List/ Ranking.

JEE Main Chapter wise Weightage 2022: Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics

While preparing for the JEE Main, in which the level of competition is sky-high, candidates would certainly want to know the JEE Main chapter-wise weightage for each subject. To help students, provided here are JEE Main 2022 Chapter-wise Weightage for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Chapter-wise Weightage of Maths Class 12 in JEE Main

Below are the chapters, total questions and weightage from each chapter of the Mathematics paper. Students must know that the chapter-wise weightage is prepared on the basis of JEE Main previous year question papers by analyzing the topics and questions which had been asked in past years.

Sets 1 3.3%
Permutations & Combinations 1 3.3%
Probability 1 3.3%
Complex Numbers 1 3.3%
Binominal Theorem 1 3.3%
Limits 1 3.3%
Differentiability 1 3.3%
Indefinite Integration 1 3.3%
Definite Integration 1 3.3%
Differential Equations 1 3.3%
Height & Distance 1 3.3%
Trigonometric Equations 1 3.3%
The Area under the Curve 1 3.3%
Quadratic Equations 1 3.3%
Vectors 1 3.3%
Tangents and Normals 1 3.3%
Maxima and Minima 1 3.3%
Statistics 1 3.3%
Parabola 1 3.3%
Ellipse 1 3.3%
Hyperbola 1 3.3%
Mathematical Reasoning 1 3.3%
Sequences & Series 2 6.6%
Straight Lines 2 6.6%
3-D Geometry 2 6.6%
Determinants 2 6.6%

Mathematics subject is vast and it is also considered a challenging subject. Students have to master the theorems and have a clear understanding of the underlying concepts. The important Mathematics books for JEE Main preparation are:

JEE Main Chapter wise Weightage 2022 Physics

Below are the chapters, total questions and weightage from each chapter of the Physics paper. Candidates can check below the topics and number of questions which had been asked in the previous year in JEE Main exams.

Electrostatics 1 3.3%
Capacitors 1  3.3%
Simple Harmonic Motion 1  3.3%
Sound Waves 1  3.3%
Elasticity 1  3.3%
Error in Measurement 1  3.3%
Circular Motion 1  3.3%
Electromagnetic Waves 1  3.3%
Semiconductors 1  3.3%
Communication Systems 1  3.3%
Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism  2 6.6%
Alternating Current  2 6.6%
Kinetic Theory of Gases & Thermodynamics  2 6.6%
Kinematics  2 6.6%
Work, Energy, and Power  2 6.6%
Laws of Motion  2 6.6%
Centre Of Mass  2 6.6%
Rotational Dynamics  2 6.6%
Modern Physics  2 6.6%
Wave Optics  2 6.6%
Current Electricity 3 9.9%

 Physics is also one of the toughest papers to clear in a competitive examination, as it consists of its fundamental concepts. Below are a few of the best books, which have helped candidates to score better marks in the entrance exam

Chapter-wise Weightage of Chemistry Class 12 in JEE Main 2022

Below are the chapters, total questions and weightage from each chapter of the Chemistry paper. The chapter-wise weightage had been analysed based on JEE Main past year papers which in Chemistry questions.

Mole Concept 1 3.3%
Redox Reactions 1 3.3%
Electrochemistry 1 3.3%
Chemical Kinetics 1 3.3%
Solution & Colligative Properties 1 3.3%
General Organic Chemistry 1 3.3%
Stereochemistry 1 3.3%
Hydrocarbon 1 3.3%
Alkyl Halides 1 3.3%
Carboxylic Acids & their Derivatives 1 3.3%
Carbohydrates, Amino-Acids, and Polymers 1 3.3%
Aromatic Compounds 1 3.3%
Atomic Structure 2 6.6%
Chemical Bonding 2 6.6%
Chemical And Ionic Equilibrium 2 6.6%
Solid-State And Surface Chemistry 2 6.6%
Nuclear & Environmental Chemistry 2 6.6%
Thermodynamics & the Gaseous State 2 6.6%
Transition Elements & Coordination Compounds 3  9.9%
Periodic table, s and p-Block Elements 3 9.9%

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