The Rightway FOUNDATION COURSE commences from Grade 8th to 10th onwards with an undivided focus on cracking the IIT-JEE/NEET. This “early start advantage” empowers the student with a solid foundation, subject command, and in-depth preparation to crack the exam with ease and secure TOP RANKS.

RIGHTWAY offers various types of competitive exam foundation courses for a successful career after grade XII. We at RIGHTWAY understand the importance of starting early. So the foundations are laid carefully for students right from Class VIII. The world needs more innovators & doctors now all the more than before. So, we have scientifically designed every course to fit every type of student and their calibre. Any student with a zeal to pursue professional studies in the field of Medical Sciences or Engineering can find their perfect course to begin their journey early towards a successful future.

Why Foundation Courses?

To strengthen the core concepts of Science & Mathematics
Enhance analytical skills
Improve problem-solving capabilities
Time Management
Build Self-esteem


Target NEET /JEE  (For Class: 8TH, 9TH &   10TH )

Our foundation courses are meticulously designed for the students of class VIII, IX and X that prepare them by laying a strong foundation for medical, engineering and other competitive exams including Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY), Olympiad, and National Standard Examinations (NSEP/ NSEC/ NSEB/ NSEA).

We also provide supplementary materials to the students for the preparation of the mentioned competitive exams. In addition to interactive classroom sessions by our highly qualified faculties, comprehensive study material for each subject is also provided to our students.

Our Courses

Our foundation courses offer end to end learning solutions for class IX and X students to commend 360-degree learning of the syllabus prescribed by NCERT and other boards. These courses aim to strengthen the conceptual understanding of students to help them successfully pass the most sought-after competitive and scholarship exams.

Three -year Integrated Course for Class  VII,IX & X Students

Designed for class IX students, this holistic course covers the entire syllabus of class IX and X for science, mathematics, and social sciences while emphasizing the enhanced mental ability to help students attempt and pass highly valued scholarship and competitive exams like Olympiads and NTSE through special preparatory sessions.

Two-year Integrated Course for Class IX  & X Students

two one-year integrated classroom course is an expansive coaching program for class IX & X students to help them master science, mathematics, and social sciences along with enhancing their mental ability skills. While delivering across the board knowledge of each subject and topic, students are also prepared to ensure their success in the Olympiad exams.

One-year Integrated Course for Class X Students

This integrated one-year classroom course for class X students imparts a better understanding of each concept of science, mathematics, and social sciences while evaluating and improving their mental ability skills. Special classes to prepare for NTSE are conducted for the students during this course.

Short Term Course for Class X Students

For class X students intending to seek focused coaching to pass the competitive exams like NTSE, we offer Rightway’s exclusive short term courses for NTSE (Stage-I) preparation. These courses provide a rigorous series of tests that helps students practice real-like tests based on the actual exam patterns and syllabus, and pass these exams with flying colors.

The Admission Process

Students can seek admission in any of the long term courses through direct admission based on their marks or grades in the last school examination or scholarship tests like Rightway KashmirTalent Hunt Exam(RKTHE),  & Admission Cum Scholarship Test (ACST).Fee waivers of up to 100% are rewarded to the qualifying students in the form of scholarships to take admission in the courses offered at  Rightway Career Institute.

  • Teaching Methodology

Excellence in Academics

Excellence in Academics is the demonstrated ability to perform, achieve, and/or excel in scholastic activities. Academic excellence has been identified with achieving high grades and superior performance. But academic excellence is more than just making good grades. It is the maximum development of your intellectual capacities and skills in service to
humanity. Achieving academic excellence is a process of both formal and informal education. Indeed, education is a limitless and unending process to be enjoyed for lifetime.

Advantages of Achieving academic excellence are:

  • Receiving academic scholarships.
  • Selection for competitive academic programs such as summer workshops during your school studies.
  • Admission to BEST Professional colleges.
  • Selection for membership in professional and honour societies.
  • Making a meaningful contribution to society throughout your life.

Foundation Level Studies

At this level, we have developed interactive learning techniques along with comprehensive and concise study material.

Interactive Learning Techniques

  • Concept based teaching with explanation in simplest possible way.
  • Daily doubt counters.
  • Periodic minor/major tests to evaluate the performance
    of students (Results are available at our CSAT).

Study Material

  • Comprehensive theory lessons includes
    – Spotlights
    – Building Concepts
    – Check your concepts
    – Activities
    – Numerical Ability
  • RACE (Regular Analysis through Continuous Exercises) for every section of every topic.
  • Targeted Practice sheets for half yearly/annual exams to maximize performance in respective exams

Advance Level Studies

At this level, we have developed special learning techniques for widening the knowledge spectrum of a student along with competitive aptitude. We offer specialized training & printed study materials for highly motivated and talented students.

Special Learning Techniques

  • Special batch for advance learners that includes synchronized classes covering school curriculum as well as syllabi of Govt. talent search examinations like NTSE & private Olympiads like NSO, IMO, IEO, NSTSE, etc.
  • Periodic minor/major tests for school curriculum
  • Periodic Proficiency tests targeting above mentioned
    competitive exams.
  • Workshops and seminars for boosting competitive
    temperament & securing good ranks in competitive

Study Material

  • Every topic of NCERT has been widened by adding theory & Q–A from various curriculum like ICSE, IGCSE, IB and some state syllabi
  • Practice exercises which comprises of all questions of various national examinations and similar patterns.

Excellent Level Studies

At this level we have developed focused learning techniques for developing in-depth knowledge of every subject & topic to the highest level.
By specially designed analysis, we identify accelerated learners who are highly motivated, hardworking, well ahead of their time/classes.

Focused Learning Techniques

  • Classes cover mainly Physics, Chemistry,Biology & Maths.
  • Periodic Standardized tests targeting the above mentioned competitive exams.
  • Helps in developing strong foundation for future targets like JEE/Pre-Medical.
  • Workshops and seminars for boosting competitive temperament & securing good ranks in competitive exams.

Study Material

  • Detailed theory lessons for targeted competitive exam.
  • Practice exercises which comprises of all questions of
    various national examinations and similar patterns.

Target IIT/MEDICAL (For Class: 8TH, 9TH &   10TH)   

Introduction : TIM is a specially designed programme for the students of class 9th and 10th and targeting to crack IIT/Medical Exams.

Concept Building : NCERT Syllabus of Class 11th & 12th will be covered in class 9th & 10th respectively to make the Practice of conceptual level question related to NEET/ JEE.

Smart Study Material : Study Material & Practice Sheets as per the conceptual level of to NEET/ JEE

Intelligent Test System : Periodic Tests on the pattern of targeted exams for better familiarization with conceptual knowledge of topics covered under to NEET/ JEE.



Aptitude is the natural ability to learn particular activity quickly and easily. We’re all familiar with aptitude. We’ve heard of the “gifted” musician or athlete, the “born” scientist or engineer, the “natural” salesman or politician. When we use these sort of designations, we mean that these people seem to fit perfectly into a Job/Talent/Role.


In every human some skills are natural and some are developed through training. We can develop above skills in children to succeed in life and manage every stage of their career successfully.

Pre-Nurture supports in developing skills through :

  • Participating in various Workshops, Seminars and Conferences throughout year as a individual and in a team.
  • Personal counseling to child for her/his specific needs or problems.
  • Events and value based education to help a child to think right & positively and developing her/him as a good human being.


Exposure to various aspects of the world around us helps to dream big. A person can only aspire to the level of her/his awareness and exposure in life. Our life is a cumulative effect of all the decisions taken time to time. Our decisions at every stage are based on what exposure we had till date. We can never dream of something we have never come across. It is important to take note of the areas that increase your level of exposure as these become the much needed arsenal to propel us to the next level of life. Children sometimes only aspire as far as they can see their parents doing. Expose your children to good things and watch them excel.

Pre-Nurture Helps to widen the exposure of a child and her/his degree of awareness by participation in various workshops, conferences and science fairs:

Language Proficiency

Language is the method of human communication and is an integral part of culture and society. The language, an individual speaks informs one’s cultural affiliations, how others perceive and interact with one and vice versa. Thus, effective use of language is very important to get yourself noticed and well recognized in the society. Now-a-days, English is no doubt the global language.

Cultivation of Moral Values

Cultivation of Moral values in a child is also an ‘Education of its own kind’. In Indian culture, values are given utmost importance which includes speaking truth, right conduct, honesty, peace, nonviolence, respect for elders, helping others, spirituality etc. Success with values makes it multifold and such a success always contribute to betterment of society.
RIGHTWAY division believes that this is a right age group for transmitting values to child. This is done through:

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